Cards, yes! But each one
is marked with individuality,

Pictures on them, yes! That could never be changed
by you or me
for they are ageless
and priceless.

Pressed flowers from Guam
to the butterfly that flies
rampant in Rome.

And in the middle area around them,
the legend of Sleepy Hollow
in Virginia.

And the names around it all
have a claim to fame.
The birch trees from Minnesota
have a language of their own
and there are many others
just as stately.

But none more to be remembered
than the Honeycomb.
I gave it top place
for in each intricate point
of this needlework pattern
there is some thing
never to be forgotten.

The wild rose, the robin,
the bright lights,
the parks,
the child that is free
to run and play,
the mountains,
the moonlight's magic
touch on the waters.

With so much granduer everywhere,
the industrious bee
chose Seattle for its best handiwork.

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