Up the road from Galilee
They came three:
Jesus, Mary, Joseph.

Along ths road
No hot dog stands
Or root beer barrels beckoned.

Joseph said:
"The kid is hot.
That magi stuff
Has got me thinking . . .
Remember how the shepherds
Blew their tops?

Then Herod
Sending his leg men . . .
I think we're right
To take it on the lam."

But Mary was silent.

The donkey's little feet
Twinkled in the dust.

A rich-robed Syrian
Rode by
On a forty dollar camel.
He blew his two-toned Klaxon,
Passed the trio.

White dust showered
Mary's face.

And Joseph, bitterly:
"I pay my taxes,
Does he own the road?"

The Kid said:
"Take it easy, Pop.
Wait'll we reach
The camel's eye.
You'll die
From laughing."

And Joseph sighed,
"It beats me."

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