KILWATERMOY PARISH Tithe Applotment records, 1826

The Tithe Applotment records listed many occupiers of land in Ireland in the 1820s and 1830s. The survey was taken to determine the amount of money owed to the Church of Ireland by each land occupier. This tithe had to be paid even by Catholics, and was the source of great resentment and numerous uprisings. The following are townlands within Kilwatermoy (now Knockanore) Parish.

A Book of the Applotment of all Sums of Money Payaable by the owners of all lands not Tithe free within the Parish of Kilwatermoy to the Honorable and very Rev. Richard Ponson by Dean of St. Patricks and to his Grace the Duke of Devonshire. As a Composition for the Tithes of said Parish for Twenty One Years commencing from the 1st Day of May 1826 Pursuant to Act of Parliament passed in the fourth and fifth year of HIs Majesty George the Fourth.

Headborough                                               Where situate            Qualities of lands                      Acres

? Smyth, Esq
William Smyth, Esq.


William Smyth, Esq.
Patrick Farrell

Snugborough or Ballymuddy, being 3/4 of a plowland

William Hudson                                          N. of new road           Arable pasture                              43
ditto                                                          ditto                           Pasture                                       28
ditto                                                          ditto                           Ramparts                                      9
ditto                                                          ditto                           Bogs                                             4
ditto                                                          Betw. new & old rd.    Arable pasture                              25
Thomas Dunn                                            S. of old road              Arable pasture                              10
Timothy Brien                                            E. of road                   Arable pasture                                5
Edward Murphy                                         ditto                           Arable pasture                                5
William Roche                                            ditto                           Arable pasture                                8
John Brien                                                 ditto                            Arable pasture                                3
Edmond Power                                          ditto                            Arable pasture                               25
Thomas Brien                                            E. and W. of road         Arable pasture                               24
John Neil                                                   ditto                            Arable pasture                               38
John Connell                                              E. of road                    Arable pasture                               11
James Flynn                                               W. of road                  Bog                                                7
John Fitzgerald                                           E. of road                   Arable pasture                                  1

Fountain, being one plowland

Henry Wallace, Esq.
William Dennehy
Stephen Moore, Esq.
William Leahy
Patrick Leahy
James Brien
John Smyth
Henry Smyth
Thomas Linnehan

Sapperton, being one plowland

Stephen Moore, Esq.
William Moore, Esq.
Thomas Roche
John Allen John Smith
John Brien
Patrick Geary

Knocknaskay, being one plowland

William Moore, Esq.
Stephen Moore, Esq.
John Dore
John Curtin
Michael Crowley
William Ryan

William Connell
Patrick Flynn
John Green