No. 2. Lease.                                                        Published by Eau Claire Book and Stationary Co

THIS INDENTURE Made this 17th day of April A. D. 1899, by and between John Hogan of the Town of Tilden and county of Chippewa in the state of Wisconsin, party of the first part, and Dennis Quinlan and Matthew Quinlan of same place parties of the second part,

WITNESSETH, That the said party of the first part does hereby lease, demise and let unto the said parties of the second part the following described premises:

The Northeast quarter (N.E. 1/4) of Section Thirty (30)Township Twenty nine (29) Range Nine (9) West. All in Chippewa County, Wisconsin, together with all the privileges and appurtenances thereunto belonging, and all the farm implements now being upon said premises. Said second parties to have the further privilege of purchasing said premises at anytime on or before June 15th 1899. And in case they so do, this lease shall thereupon be null and void and of no effect whatever. Said second parties agree to plow at least 30 acres of land on said premises during the Fall plowing season of 1899; and it is mutually agreed that said second parties are authorized to cut and use from said premises sufficient timber for firewood and in making repair on said premises and no more.

TO HOLD for the term of one year from April 17th A.D. 1899 for the annual rent of one hundred and twenty five Dollars, to be paid as follows: seventy five dollars on November 15th, 1899, and Fifty dollars on April 15th, 1900.

And the said lessees do promise and agree to pay said rent at the times and in the manner aforesaid, during the continuance of said term, and not to underlease or sublet said premises or any part thereof, or assign this lease, without the consent of the lessor, and to quit and deliver up the same to the lessor, peaceably and quietly, at the end of said term; and also to keep the same in as good condition and repair as the same are in at the commencement of said term (reasonable use and wear thereof, and damage by fire or other unavoidable accidents, not happening through the neglect of the lessees only excepted); and the lessor may enter to view the premises at all reasonable times. If the lessees shall fail to pay the rent aforesaid, at the time expressed in this lease, or shall underlease or sublet the said premises or assign this lease without the consent of the lessor, then the lessor may enter on, and expel the lessees from, said premises forthwith.

And the covenants herein contained shall bind the parties mutually, and their respective heirs, executors, administrators and assigns.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the said parties have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year above written.

Signed, Sealed and Delivered in Presence of Mike Hogan and James Lunney.

John Hogan, his mark
Dennis Quinlan
Matt Quinlan

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