The Powers Branch

1. John R. Trudelle; Margaret Powers Trudelle

2. Trudelle family, about 1904-06

3. Trudelle home; Emerson farm

4. Gravestones of John Trudelle, Margaret Powers Trudelle, and their son Philip Trudelle

5. Philip Trudelle's astronomical observations

6. Trudelle fami
ly crest

7. Raymond and Florence Trudelle; Donald Hebert; Joan Powers

8. John Eugene Quinlan; Trudelle headstone

9. John Raymond Trudelle

10. The Alfred Emerson farm

11. Catherine Trudelle; Mary Trudelle Emerson

12. Sheet music by Elizabeth Powers

13. Trudelle family reunion, ca. 1940

14. Trudelle kids; Phillip Trudelle

15. Emerson Family

16. Five Emerson sons; Alfred and Rudolph Emerson

17. Louis Trudel; Mytrle Emerson LeDuc; Edward Amundsen

18. Ervin Emerson; Paul Emerson in Amsterdam

19. Paul Emerson sports photos

20. Emerson Farm House

21. Emerson Farm and House

22. Joe Powers; Mary Lavelle; Powers children

23. John Powers; John Powers and Maud Lynch Powers; unknown children
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