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1. Michael Hanrahan

2. Charles and Margaret Hanrahan Regan; Charles, Jr.

3. The Regan siblings; Mary and Robert Regan in NY

4. The Regan girls; Ruth's childhood friends

5. Ruth Regan Bunn with marriage and career info

6. Three photos of Ruth Regan Bunn

7. Township map of Chippewa County; Ruth Regan Bunn in middle age

8. Ruth Regan Bunn and family

9. Ruth Regan Bunn's descendents

10. Daughter of Ruth Regan Bunn as a child and as an adult; children of Ruth Regan Bunn

11. Willard 'Bunch' Bunn, Jr.

12. Actress and lawyer Mary Rehan

13. Ibby Greer's haunted house; Margaret Hanrahan Regan's house

14. The Bunn House; Robert Regan on Chippewa Falls High School basketball team

15. Childhood home of three descendents; Chippewa Falls brewery

16. An incredible coincidence

17. Margaret Hanrahan Regan in France; Ruth Regan Bunn and niece in Ireland

18. Postcard of Rocky Bluffs in Chippewa Falls; church attended by Chas. and Margaret Regan and family

19. Charles Regan in later years and as a young man

20. Ruth Regan Bunn; Francis 'Cy' Regan

21. Margaret Hanrahan Regan

The Hanrahan Branch