Spring and Rural Streets, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin
                                               August 5, 1902
                                                     GOLDEN WEDDING PICTURE

These are the names recorded on the original photo by Helen Manning Hendricks, who is seated at the far left of the front row of seated children; click
here to see the individuals identified separately. Highlighted names can be clicked to read their obituaries or related info. Read an article about the event from the Chippewa Daily Independent. My added comments (Kathleen Hogan Manuel, 2002) are in brackets:

FRONT ROW (left to right) beginning with Jim Manning (standing), fourteen people: 1.
Jim Manning; 2. Helen Manning Henricks; 3. Leona Manning; 4. Mildred Hogan; 5. Irene Manning; 6. Harriette Hogan; 7. Lilian Trudelle; then two in front which are 8. Margaret Trudelle and 9. Philip Trudelle; 10. Ima Hogan; 11. Raymond Hogan (female); 12. Blanche Hogan; 13. Dave Manning; and 14. _____ Trudelle.

[Helen adds:] Ima and Mildred Hogan -- Uncle Pat's. Raymond and Blanche Hogan -- Uncle Mike's. Trudelles are children of Mother's [Amelia Manning's] cousin.

SECOND ROW, fourteen people: 1. _____ Regan; 2. _____ Regan (Mother's cousin's boys); 3.
William Hogan; 4. Uncle Mike Hogan; 5. Amelia Manning; 6. Grandpa John Hogan; 7. Grandma Bridget Hogan; 8. Mary Hogan Sheehy; 9. Pat Hogan; 10. Tom Hogan holding 11. Mary Hogan; 12. Joe Sugars (son of deceased Johanna Hogan Sugars); 13. Raymond Trudelle; and 14. Louis Trudelle.

THIRD ROW (top), all standing, twenty-one people: 1.
Lizzie Bean (housekeeper of Regan family, no relation); 2. Hannah Long (Grandpa Hogan's sister); 3. Mrs. Regan (cousin); 4. Kate Hogan (wife of Mike Hogan); 5. Jackson Manning; 5. Agnes Powers; 7 John Trudelle holding 8. Baby Trudelle; 9. Don't remember name; think she is a daughter of one of Mother's cousins, probably a Regan; 10. Anna Powers Morris (cousin); 11. Kate Lavelle (I think); 12. Mrs. John Trudelle (nee Margaret Powers); 13. Mrs. Mary Lavelle (nee Powers); 14. Esther Powers Quinlan; 15. Mr. Jim Lavelle; 16. Kate Powers; 17. Mrs. Patten (cousin); 18. Ruth Regan; 19. John Regan; 20. Mary Sheehy; and 21. Frank Morris (son of Anna Morris).

[I believe Margaret Trudelle was four or five months pregnant when this photo was taken, so
Catherine Trudelle is actually also in the picture althought not born yet.]

[Notice that John is holding his shillelagh in his lap. Thanks to
Paul Eugene Hogan for enlarging the original small snapshot.]

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