The Immigrants:

Johannah Hogan, wife of Pat, from Clogheen Parish

Johanna Hogan Powers (daughter of Pat and Johannah)

Michael Powers, husband of Johanna Hogan

The First Generation:

Margaret Powers Trudelle (Johanna, Pat)
John Trudelle, husband of Margaret Powers Trudelle

Mary Powers Lavelle (Johanna, Pat)
James Lavelle (husband of Mary Powers)

Agnes Powers (Johanna, Pat)

Esther Powers Quinlan (Johanna, Pat)
Dennis Quinlan, husband of Esther Powers Quinlan

Anna E. Powers Morris (Johanna, Pat)

Katherine Powers (Johanna, Pat)

John P. Powers (Johanna, Pat)
Maude Lynch Powers, wife of John P. Powers

Joseph F. Powers (Johanna, Pat)

"She stepped away from me and she moved
     through the fair,
And fondly I watched her go here and go there,
Then she went her way homeward with
     one star awake
As the swan in the evening moves over the lake."

--  Padraic Colum, "She Moved Through the Fair"

The Second Generation:

Catherine Trudelle (Margaret, Johanna, Pat)

Joseph Trudelle (Margaret, Johanna, Pat)
Mildred D. Fosdick Trudelle (wife of Joseph)

Raymond Trudelle (Margaret, Johanna, Pat)
Florence Moore Trudelle (wife of Raymond)

William N. Hebert (husband of Lillian Trudelle)

Marie J. Lavell (Mary, Johanna, Pat)

Katherine M. Lavell (Mary, Johanna, Pat)

Esther M. Lavell (Mary, Johanna, Pat)

Richard P. Powers (John P., Johanna, Pat)

Joan L. Powers (John P., Johanna, Pat)

John Weldon Powers (John P., Johanna, Pat)

John Eugene Quinlan (Esther, Johanna, Pat)

The Third Generation:

Donald Hebert (Lillian, Margaret, Johanna, Pat)
Another obit on Donald Hebert

Susan Hebert (Lillian, Margaret, Johanna, Pat)
Glenn Gundersen (husband of Susan Hebert)

Robert Hebert (Lillian, Margaret, Johanna, Pat)

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