The Immigrants:

Johannah Hogan, wife of Pat, from Clogheen Parish

John Hogan, son of Pat and Johannah

Bridget Ahern Hogan from Waterford, wife of John

Michael Hogan, son of Pat and Johannah

Mary Gallagher Hogan, wife of Michael

Michael Hogan of uncertain relation

John Long, husband of  Hannah Hogan Long

Thomas Manning, father of D. J. Manning

Michael Burke, father of Catherine Burke

John Donovan, father of Kitty (Mrs. Sen. Tom)  Hogan

The First Generation

Thomas S. Hogan (John, Pat)

Kathryn Agnes Hogan, Thomas' wife

John Carol Hogan (John, Pat)

Michael E. Hogan (John, Pat)

William D. Ho
gan (John, Pat)
Louella Deborde Hogan, wife of William Hogan

Amelia Hogan (John, Pat)

David Jackson Manning, Amelia's husband

Mary Hogan (John, Pat)

Patrick R. Hogan (John, Pat)

Johanna Hogan (John, Pat)
Thomas Sugars, husband of Johanna

James Hogan (John, Pat)

"There's no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary."

-- Brendan Behan

"When I die I want to decompose in a barrel of porter and have it served in all the pubs in Dublin."

-- J. P. Donleavy,
The Ginger Man 1955.

The Second Generation:

John Joseph "Jack" Hogan (Wm, John, Pat)

Alice F. Hogan Worthington (Wm, John, Pat)

Robert Hogan (Wm, John, Pat)

Kathleen C. Hogan Smart (Wm, John, Pat)

Helen Hogan Clarke Worthington (Wm, John, Pat)

Arthur W. Hogan (Wm, John, Pat)

Maureen Frances Hogan Dayton (Tom, John, Pat)

Ralph T. Hogan (Tom, John, Pat)

Mary T. Hogan (Tom, John, Pat)

Ruth K. Hogan Schattenberg (Tom, John, Pat)

Mary T. Sheehy (Mary, John, Pat)

James B. Sheehy (Mary, John, Pat)

Helen Manning Henricks (Amelia, John, Pat)

Leona Manning (Amelia, John, Pat)

Dave Manning (Amelia, John, Pat)
Ruth Manning, wife of Dave

James Manning (Amelia, John, Pat)
Margaret Manning, wife of Jim

Harriette Eve
leth (Patrick, John, Pat)

Gerald Hogan (Patrick, John, Pat)

Giles Hogan (Patrick, John, Pat)

Ima M. Schram (Patrick, John, Pat)

William Paul Hogan (Michael, John, Pat)

Raymond Hogan Hobi (Michael, John, Pat)

Margaret Hogan Rosener (John Carol, John, Pat)

Kathryn Lyle Hogan (John Carol, John, Pat)

The Third Generation:

Paul Eugene Hogan (Harold, William, John, Pat)

Philip Manni
ng Dayton (Maureen, Tom, John, Pat)

Ralph T. Hogan (Emmet, Tom
, John, Pat)

Victor H
. Hogan (Emmet, Tom, John, Pat)

Robert Motherwell (Margaret, John, John, Pat)

John Edward Hogan (Katharyn, John, John, Pat)

Marjorie Hogan Welch (Gerald, Patrick, John, Pat)

Richard Andrew Hogan (Gerald, Patrick, John, Pat)

Catherine Hobi Burke (Raymond, Mike, John, Pat)

Dr. Donald R. Burke

The Fourth Generation:

Catherine Bosschart (Mary-Stuart, Margaret, John Carol, John, Pat)
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Hogan Branch (includes John, Michael, and Hannah)