The Immigrants:

Johannah Hogan, wife of Pat, from Clogheen Parish

Mary Rose Hogan, daughter of Pat and Johannah
Michael Hanrahan, husband of Mary Rose Hogan

Lizzie Bean, housekeeper to the Regans and McKays

The First Generation

Margaret Hanrahan Regan (Mary Rose, Pat)

Charles Regan, husband of Margaret (Mary Rose, Pat)
Charles Regan, another obituary

Joanna Hanrahan Patten (Mary Rose, Pat)

"Men talk of killing time, while time quietly kills them."

-- Dion Larner Boucicault,
London Assurance 1841.

The Second Generation:

Mary Rehan (Margaret, Mary Rose, Pat)

Ruth Regan Bunn (Margaret, Mary Rose, Pat)
Willard Bunn, Sr., husband of Ruth Regan Bunn

Jean Regan Mckay (Margaret, Mary Rose, Pat)

Robert Regan (Margaret, Mary Rose, Pat)

John Ragan (Margaret, Mary Rose, Pat)
Mrs. John Ragan (Margaret, Mary Rose, Pat)

The Third Generation:

Willard Bunn Jr. (Ruth, Margaret, Mary Rose, Pat)

Ruth Boynton (Ruth, Margaret, Mary Rose, Pat)

George Regan Bunn (Ruth, Margaret, Mary Rose, Pat)

John Bunn (Ruth, Margaret, Mary Rose, Pat)
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Hanrahan Branch