From a Chippewa Falls newspaper, January 28, 1932. Lizzie Bean was a housekeeper to the Regans and the McKays:


Former Well Known Resident of City Passes Away at Chicago

Miss Elizabeth Bean, 75, former well known resident of Chippewa Falls, passed away in a hospital in Chicago at 11 o'clock yesterday after an illness of eight months.

Miss Bean was born in Ireland and came to Chippewa Falls with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Bean, when she was a child. The parents died when she was about 15 years old and she became a member of the Charles T. Regan family, going to Chicago to live with Mrs. Regan, following the death of Mr. Regan. Acquaintances of Miss Bean said today she was a splendid type of woman, a loveable character and an ardent church member.

Robert Regan, son of Mrs. C. T. Regan arrived in Chippewa Falls this morning to make preliminary arrangements for burial and his brother, John Regan, will accompany the remains, arriving tomorrow morning at 8:07 o'clock over the Omaha line. The remains will be taken to the Morris Funeral home and later to St. Charles church where services will be conducted at 9 o'clock. Interment will be in Hope cemetery.

From January 29, 1932:


The remains of Miss Elizabeth Bean, 75, whose death occurred in Chicago, arrived in the city this morning over the Omaha line, accompanied by John Regan. Services at St. Charles church were attended by a large number of the older residents who remember Miss Bean when she resided here as a member of the C. T. Regan family. Interment took place in Hope cemetery. The pallbearers were: John J. McGillivray, John J. Thornton, John Carroll, Dan Clark, Roderick McGillivray and Mike Thornton.