From a Chippewa Falls newspaper, Febrary, 1954. Joseph Powers was a grandson of  Patrick and Johannah Hogan through their daughter Johanna Hogan Powers:


Joseph Francis Powers, 80, a mining engineer, died in Seattle, Wash., on Febrary 22, and was buried in Washington Memorial Park. Mr. Powers was born in Chippewa Falls, and was graduated from the University of Notre Dame as a Mining Engineer.

He worked in mining districts of Idaho for several years, and later went to California. He was field engineer for companies in Oregon and Washington, and for many years operated mines at Troy, Montana. He was a member of the American Geographic Society, the American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers, and the Northwest Mining Association.

Surviving are his wife, Elizabeth, two sisters, Miss Katherine Powers and Mrs. Esther Quinlan, City, and a brother, John P. Powers of Morton, Minn.