From the Chippewa Herald, Friday, April 6, 1883. Johanna Hogan Sugars was a daughter of John and Bridget Hogan and sadly died at about the age of 26, just two months after the death of John Hogan's mother Johannah:

Mrs. Thos. Sugars, nee Joanna Hogan, died at her residence on Spruce street Wednesday morning. Mrs. Sugars had been sick for some time, but lately gave evidences of improvement which caused hopes of her speedy recovery. But a few hours previous to her death she was feeling unusually well, and her sudden demise was as unlooked for as it was deplorable. Mrs. S. leaves an infant child less than a month old. Mr. Sugars was, until within a few days, absent in the woods, whence he was summoned by telegraph last week. In his deep affliction he has the sympathy of the entire community.

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