From John Francis Sheehy, a son of John and Bridget's daughter Mary, to his cousin Helen Manning Henricks, a daughter of John and Bridget's daughter Amelia:

Sheehy, Jones, Cureton, Westbrook and Lovelace, Attorneys &Counselors at Law
Twelfth Floor
Alico Center
Waco, Texas 76701

Mrs. Helen Hendricks
Hysham, Montana 59038

March 27, 1970

Dear Helen:

I just received your very welcome letter and when I received it, I was reminded that in my previous letter, I addressed you as Helen Manning. I want to apologize for the lapse in memory but as I recall, your maiden name was Manning and I have heard Mary and my mother refer to you as Helen Manning. When I got ready to write you, I did not have anything in front of me with your address or name, except a letter which you had written to Mary and it was simply signed Helen so I didn't realize until I got your letter that I had referred to you as Helen Manning. At any rate, I trust you will excuse this lapse of memory.

I was very sorry to learn that Harriette had died. When I was a small boy, perhaps 10 or 11 years old, Harriette and Grandma Hogan [Bridget Ahern Hogan] came to Texas for a visit and stayed with us awhile. Harriette was the first one of my cousins on Mama's side of the family that I ever knew. I was certainly shocked to learn that she was 82 years of age. Of course, I was so young when I first met her that it is hard for me to realize that this much time has passed.

The only ones of Mama's family that I have ever met were Grandma Hogan, Harriette and Uncle Pat when he came to Texas a great many years ago (1930). I also knew Uncle Tom when he lived in Midland and went out to Midland when he opened the Hogan Building in 1929. Of course, I have met Fred and Mary and most of Uncle Tom's children.

I had always hoped I would have occasion sometime to come out to the West Coast and drive up through Washington and perhaps meet some of the members of my mother's family. However, most of our travel has been to New York and to the East Coast and we have made three trips to Europe, one of which included the Holy Land. I had occasion to go to Ireland a couple of times where I met some rather far removed Irish cousins. I think Ireland is very beautiful and I certainly enjoyed my cousins and my visit there. I went back to Clonmel in Tipperary County where Papa was born and met some of his cousins and one who I believe is a grandniece and who lives in Dublin.

I will try to keep your name straight in the future. With love and best wishes.



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