From John Joseph "Jack" Hogan, a son of John and Bridget's son William, to his mother Luella Deborde during WWII.

Pfc. J J Hogan -- 33190141
Hq. & Hg. Co., A.P.O. 523
c/o Postmaster, New York, NY

Dear Mama:

Just got your V-mail letter of April 7th and surprised you hadn't heard from me by that time. My first letter left here early in March. Outside of an occasional cold I've been completely well ever since I left the States.

Hope Harold is readjusted by this time and will realize that he's had an unpleasant experience. During my first weeks in the army I often wondered how some of the things would affect him. I'm sure that things came out for the best, and hope he won't let it trouble him any more.

I'm starting to attend a Russian class tomorrow mostly to take up the slack in my mental activity which has recently taken a downward curve. Not picking up much Persian, since most of the natives seem to have acquired enough English to carry on necessary commerce. This country is colorful and picturesque enough, but like all of the East the pleasant qualities are offset by a few less inviting aspects. There is plenty of poverty and the beggars, even if most of them are putting on an act, are pitiful enough to make a statue weep.

How is Ma DeBorde these days? I don't think you mentioned anything about her, and all the people in Helena? Do you ever see or hear from the Hobis? Bud would be in the army now if nothing has happened to prevent. I'll try to write oftener and don't want you to be anxious about me. I'm just as safe and much more contented here than I was in North Carolina. You might try alternating air-mail with v-mail. Not sure yet which is faster. Write soon and often. Enclosing a money order which I know you can find use for. Love to everybody,