From John Joseph "Jack" Hogan, a son of John and Bridget's son William, to his wife while on a camping trip in Canada with his son. About 1966.

12 July

Dear (private) and all the girls, including Duchess,

Here we are in Wauboshine, Ont., in a trailor camp on an arm of Georgian Bay. We decided to stay over a second nite to rest up and do some fishing. We spent the morning fishing on the Bay but got not a single nibble, but our neighbor in the trailor park got 6 large bass.

Today was the hottest day up here in 40 years -- 90+ and the locals are really suffering. But actually it was like a typical Wash. D.C. summer day. Right now it's raining.

Tomorrow we head north for Sudbury -- about 100 miles. From there we'll decide where to go next -- most likely west toward Sault Ste. Marie.

Ontario is big and beautiful -- and strangely enough 90% of the tourists are Ontarians -- only a few of us Yankees. The mosquitos are big and hungry but not unbearable. Everybody tells us to beware the black flies when we go North. We'll have to stock up on repellant because (private) has been dispensing our spray with a loutish hand.

Will call again in a day or so.

Love to all --


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