Letter from Helen Manning Hendricks [daughter of John and Bridget's daughter Amelia] to her cousin Maureen Dayton [daughter of Thomas S. Hogan]. Hysham, MT. May 4, 1964.

Dear Maureen,

At last I have heard from the Sheehy family! I wrote to both Mary and Julia at Christmas time but I had heard from neither of them until Mary wrote recently. You asked for Julia's address and I kept putting off writing thinking I would surely hear from one of them and have news to send you. I was afraid that something might have happened to Julia as I knew she had suffered a stroke.

Mary says Julia is really feeble, which accounts for our not hearing from her. (I think I'll send you Mary's letter which will give you the family news and Mary's address.)

Mary appears to be very alert and makes me ashamed to even begin to "think old" at 70 when she is 84 and so vitally interested in all about her.

Your children are growing up fast, Maureen. I can't realize that you have a daughter married and sons in college and high school! I am sure the lovely little grandchild in Detroit will lure you to that city often. Did (private) go into the army? Since (private) is a sophomore, college is not that far off for him and I can see why you think it would be nice to live in a college town.

You spoke about retiring from the NP [Maureen worked for the Southern Pacific Railroad], Maureen. Do you plan to retire permanently or just from the NP? Whichever it is, I hope you and (private) can carry out your plans and will keep Montana on the list of places you are going to visit. As you know, Hysham itself has few (if any) attractions, but we would love to see and visit with you again. It's been a long time, and (private) wouldn't mind 'roughing it'..

I am so sorry that Ruth has had serious surgery and may have to have another operation. How is she now? Where is her son living? Dave and Ruth [Helen's brother David Martin Manning and his wife Ruth Clark Manning] visited him at Rochester once and said he was such a fine young man.

Dave decided that he would not file for governor in spite of all the pressure put upon him to do so. A Dr. Renne, who was head of Montana State College for many years and recently served as Assistant Secretary of Agriculture in the President's Cabinet, is going to seek the nomination on the Democratic ticket. He talked at length with Dave and Dave encouraged him to file. Dr. Renne hasn't had the legislature experience that Dave has, and I don't think he will get the support from those outside the party that Dave would, but I can't help but be relieved that Dave isn't going to have to go through a rough campaign and it will be rough. Dave is going to campaign for Renne after the primary.

I'm disappointed that Burton K. Wheeler made no mention of Uncle Tom [Thomas S. Hogan] in his book. I was going to get it to read, but don't think I will. Some one should write the story of Uncle Tom's life. It deserves commemorating. How about you, Maureen? We were all so proud of your father. When we were young, we always begged to stay up late whenever he came to see the family -- "so we could listen to him talk," we said. We liked to think that Dave resembled him, tho' Dave doesn't have the gift of words that your father had. Dave talks more slowly and deliberately, but he has a great talent for knowing how to influence people and is said to "carry more weight" than any other man in either house of the legislature. He has been serving as governor during the absence of the governor from the state and was acting-governor for 27 out of 30 days in April. He and Ruth are in Helena now. (The President of the Senate has to act as lieutenant-governor because the lieutenant-governor became governor when our governor was killed in a plane wreck two years ago.)

Jim and his wife are spending two . . [next pages are missing]

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