Letter from Blanche Hogan Harrington (daughter of John and Bridget's son Michael) to her aunt, John and Bridget's daughter Amelia Bridget Manning.

HARRINGTON REALITY CO. Hollywood, CA. June 5, 1930.

Dear Aunt Amelia and all,

I was very much surprised and saddened to note in a recent Billings paper that Uncle Jackson [Amelia's husband, David Jackson Manning] had passed away, and I wanted to write and extend my sympathy to you all. I am so far away from Montana now that I do not always have the news, but I have often thought of you and the last time Uncle Tom [Thomas S. Hogan, son of John and Bridget] was in Los Angeles I intended to find out how you all were, but did not get to see him as I was in the hospital with my second little girl who is now six weeks old. However, Mary was talking to him for a short time, but it was before Uncle Jackson's death. I hope that the rest of you are all well and that Aunt Amelia will bear up under her grief and take good care of herself.

I suppose you know that I am married and now live in Hollywood. I will be married three years this coming October and have two little girls, one 22 months old named (private) and the other six weeks old named (private). Rex (my husband) is in the building business here and I have settled down to quite a domestic existence. Mary has been with me for the past two years; she works in one of the banks here and has just returned from her vacation which she spent in Aberdeen visiting the folks. She reports them all well, although she thought Papa [her father Michael Hogan, son of John and Bridget] looked a little older and quite thin as he continues to work too hard for a man of his years. Ray and Frank have a little boy a year old in addition to Buddy and Sister, so that Papa is gradually accumulating quite a few grandchildren. They have not seen our little girls yet, and I am just writing Ray today urging them to come down to Los Angeles this coming fall if they can arrange it.

I was wondering if you folks have moved to Billings and if so, I am awfully glad as Hysham is small and like all those Montana towns does not offer many opportunities. Would certainly like to hear from you and have all the news as I am always interested and have thought of you often. Will send you some pictures of the children when we get some taken of them together.

Papa was down here for six months with Ray, Frank and the children two years ago, and I am sorry he cannot see his way clear to live here all the time as the climate is certainly wonderful and it is particularly nice for older people to get away from the severe winters and the rain in Aberdeen. Mary said he spoke of coming again this winter and I hope he does.

Uncle Pat [Patrick R. Hogan, son of John and Bridget] and Jeanette came through Los Angeles several months ago on their way home from Texas. Jeanette, you perhaps know, recently lost her husband and they made the trip to Texas hoping it would be of benefit to her. She told us most of the news of Uncle Tom's family including the fact that Ruth had a new baby boy while they were there.

Well, I believe this will be about all for now and I will look forward to hearing from you soon, and again assuring you of my sorrow at your loss, I am --


Mrs. Rex Harrington
1308 North Martel Avenue
Hollywood, CA                                                                  

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