Family History - Hogan
Bay Lough, Clogheen Parish
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THE HOGANS' NEIGHBORS in Scart and neighboring townland in 1829

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A kind cyber-pal has made us aware of a list of transcribed gravestones in the Clogheen area, and we have found a Patrick Hogan buried in Shanrahan townland. This Patrick was apparently born in 1719, as he died in 1791 at the age of 72, and he had a son named John. He would not be our Patrick Hogan who married Johannah O'Keefe, but he might be our Patrick's grandfather or great-grandfather.

In the same graveyard is a Mary Ahern (1751-1822), a James Sullivan (1782-1834), Father Nicholas Sheehy, Catherine Burke, and John Sheehy (1676-1736), in addition to people named O'Keefe, Meagher, Myles, Power, and Crosby. See this site
here. Or look at the names in another Clogheen graveyard, Castlegrace.

"I brought up my children to read and write, and there never were children with cleverer heads for their books; but there was no place for them in Ireland, and they have all gone to America but one, and soon he too will be gone."

-- Peig Sayers,
The Western Island 1944.

Johannah O'Keefe was born in Ireland, probably between about 1796 and 1798. She married Patrick Hogan and they had at least eight children:  Ellen, 1814; Mary Rose, 1816; Honor, 1819; Johanna, 1824; Michael, 1829; John, 1832; Margaret, about 1840; and another Johanna, perhaps because the first one may have died, 1842. The family lived in Clogheen Parish (formerly Shanrahan Parish, meaning "old ferny place") in the south of Tipperary. This is one of several southern Tipperary parishes that are actually part of the Catholic Diocese of Waterford and Lismore. There is an interesting page about Shanrahan here.

Johannah likely had a sister named Honor and brothers named William and Daniel. Daniel married Catherine Callaghan and the pair had at least eight children: Catherine, 1810; Honor, 1812; William, 1815; another Honor, 1818; Margaret, 1820; Richard, 1823; John, 1825; and Michael, 1827.

An earlier Daniel Keeffe gave testimony for
Father Sheehy at his trial in 1766. He may have been the same Daniel Keeffe who sold the Garter Inn in Clogheen to a Thomas Vowell, and might possibly be the grandfather of our Johannah O'Keefe Hogan.

In 1851, Johannah was widowed and living in the rural townland of Scart East (Scart means "cluster" or "thicket") in
Shanrahan (now Clogheen) Parish. Her youngest daughters, Margaret and Johanna, would have been about 11 and 9 that year and were probably living with her. Her sons John and Michael and her daughter Hannah (Honor) had already emigrated to America.

Scart East is a small farming community shaped roughly like a tall rectangle approximately 1.5 miles on each side and about .75 miles along the top and bottom. It has only one road, less than a mile long and running east-west through the southern end of the 176-acre townland, and Johannah's house was on that road. The house is gone now, but we have maps and recent
photos of the fraction of an acre on which it stood and of the River Tar and the remains of Shanbally Castle that mark the ends of the road she lived on.

Since native Irish in those times were not allowed to own property, Johannah rented a small house and garden (#5Bb) from the middleman Jeremiah Coughlan, who may have been some relation to the three Coughlans who were named godparents to several of Johannah's children at their baptisms.

Jeremiah Coghlan was probably some relation to Mary Coughlan of Scart East who married Matthew Ryan and had a son who became
Father Abram Ryan. Father Ryan became known as "the poet-priest of the Confederacy" and his poems were well-known to many in the southern states during the time of the Civil War and of the Reconstruction. There is a monument to him in Mobile, Alabama.

Coghlan was renting the house from Patrick Callaghan, who may have been related to the Callaghans who sponsored another three of Johannah's children, or to the Catherine Callaghan who married Johannah's brother Daniel. Callaghan was renting it from the absentee landlord/owner William Pigott. Coghlan  lived at #8a in Scart East, near Johannah's property, and had probably occupied Johannah's house at #5Bb before relocating to #8a. He likely had a long-term lease on Johannah's house which required him to continue renting it from Patrick Callaghan.

The rateable value of the house he sublet to Johannah, which was not the rent or the tax but rather a number on which her tax was based, was five shillings, the lowest in Clogheen Parish. Altogether, Callaghan was renting about 28 acres of land from Pigott, and Coughlan about 20.

Edmond Beston rented and occupied the "a" parcel of lot 5B, and Callaghan farmed the large 5A tract. A twenty-acre parcel nearby  was owned by William Pigott and leased and occupied by Jeremiah Coghlan, who had a house and office on it; in addition, two houses with gardens in that same land parcel were rented to Thomas Coghlan and Judith Hogan; and one house and office stood vacant. The 26 acres to the west of Johannah's home were rented from Pigott by Thomas Moran, who had a house and office on the property. Thomas Moran witnessed John Hogan's baptism in 1832.

Pigott controlled about half of the properties and the majority of the 176 acres of Scart East. The other absentee landlord in Scart East was Edward Carey; he and Pigott rented out the lands to middlemen who lived in the community and sublet parts of their lands to others. There could be as many as five middlemen between the occupier of the land and the actual owner, and the more there were, the more onerous was the rent obligation to the person at the bottom.

Denis Kearney, who had sponsored Johannah's first child in 1814 along with Johannah's sister Honor, was also living in Scart East in 1851, occupying #4Ba and renting it from John Tierney. The rateable value on his house was 10 shillings, so presumably it was a larger and/or nicer house than Johannah's.

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