Griffith's Valuation of the townlands of Knockanore Parish

The civil parishes of 19th century Ireland were much smaller than the Roman Catholic Parishes, and Knockanore Catholic Parish encompasses all or part of three civil parishes:

Kilwatermoy civil parish

1.  Ballymuddy, Ballyclement, Ballyhamlet, and Ballymoat Lower

2.  Ballymoat Upper, Ballynafineshoge, Ballyneety, and Churchquarter

3.  Close, Corrannaskeha, Corrannaskeha North and South, Dunmoon

4.  Dunmoon North, Dunmoon South

Fountain, Glenawillin, Headborough, and Island

6.  Janeville, Killanthony, Kilwatermoy Mountain, and Knockaun North

7.  Knockaun South, Knocknaraha, and Lyrenacarriga

8.  Moorehill, Paddock, Sapperton North and South, and Shanapollagh

9.  Slieveburth, Snugborough, and Tircullen Lower and Upper

Kilcockan Civil Parish

1.  Ballybrack, Ballyphilip East, Ballyphilip West

2.  Ballyroe, Bawnlaur, Carnglass, Crossery, Glengoagh, and Islands 1, 2, and 3

3.  Kilcockan, Killeenagh Mountain, Killeenagh North

4.  Killeenagh South, Kilmanicholas, Knockanore, Lisglass, Monang

5.  Newport East, Newport West, and Scart

6.  Sleveen, Strancally, and Strancally Demesne

Templemichael Civil Parish

Ballycondon, Ballycondon Commons, and Ballydasoon

2.  Ballyknock, Ballynatray Commons, and Ballynatray Demesne

3.  Ballyrussel, Boola, Bridgequarter, and Carrigeen

4.  Castlemiles, Cherrymount, and Coolbeggan East

5.  Coolbeggan West, Garryduff, and Harrowhill

6.  Killea, Lackaroe, Newtown, and Propoge

7.  Rincrew, Stael, and Templemichael