Church Records
The Catholic Diocese of Waterford and Lismore has baptismal records from 1816 and marriage records from 1803 for Knockanore Parish. These records are not complete, for various reasons. We have the following records:


These are the known children of John Ahern and Brigid Dunn:

Thomas Ahearn, 21 Apr 1822, father John Ahearn, mother Brigid Dunn. Sponsors: Daniel Connors and Catherine Murphy. Priest: J. Ahearn.

Brigid Hearn, 17 Mar 1828, father John Hearn, mother Brigid Dunn. Sponsors: John Ravens and Helen Kelly. Priest: John O'Donnell. Twin of Mary.

Mary Hearn, 17, Mar 1828, father John hearn, mother Brigid Dunn. Sponsors: Dermot O'Brien and Catherine Coughlan. Priest: John O'Donnell. Twin of Brigid.