Church Records
Records on Michael Hanrahan and Mary Rose Hogan:

MICHAEL HANRAHAN married MARY HOGAN on 9 Nov 1856; witnesses, Thomas Prendergast and Margaret Prendergast; Cahir Parish, Fr. M. Maxey.

JOHN HANRAHAN, baptised 20 Sep 1857, parents Michael Hanrahan and Mary Hogan; sponsors, John Murony and Catherine Costigan; Cahir Parish, Cahir Church, Fr. M. Maxey, Balichgaun.

Marriage records for Thomas Sheehy (neighbor or Johannah Keefe Hogan):

THOMAS SHEEHY married MARGARET BRIEN on 30 Jan 1827; witnesses, William Hickey and Ellen Brien; Clogheen Parish, Fr. Matthew Casey.

THOMAS SHEELY married MARGARET RIARDEN on 6 Jun 1833; witnesses, Thomas Landers and Brigid Coughlan; Clogheen Parish, Fr. Matthew Casey.

Marriage records for Denis Kearney (neighbor/sponsor for Johanna Keefe Hogan):

DENIS KEARNEY married M:ARY LONERGAN on 6 Feb 1834; witnesses, John Connor and Ellen Barrett;  Clogheen Parish, Fr. Matthew Casey.

DENIS KEARNEY married MARGARET KENNEDY on 26 Feb. 1835; witnesses, Thomas Eivory and Mary Fitzgerald; Clogheen Parish, Father Matthew Casey.

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