Ibby Greer, a great-great-great-granddaughter of Patrick and Johannah Hogan in the Hanrahan branch, has two books available at

Moving Day: A Season of Letters: A Novel

Paper Faces: Babyboomer Memoir
T. Keister Greer, Ibby's husband, has a brand-new book out that is flying off the shelves. It has everything: crime, secrecy, local color, cars, bootleggers, mountain scenery, the 1930s, a racy, glamorous woman driver with a diamond in her tooth, murders, trials, lawyers, farmers, cover-ups, and conspiracies. It even has it's own website!

The Great Moonshine Conspiracy Trial of 1935

James Lawrence Sullivan, a great-great-grandson of Patrick and Johannah Hogan in the Sullivan branch has a novel available at


Jim is also working on an adventure type book called Gypsy on a Jet.