Anne Powers,
1913 - 1987, was a great-granddaughter of Patrick and Johannah Hogan through their daughter Johanna and her son John. She wrote historical romance fiction and two of her books can be ordered from

The Gallant Years

Several other books may be available from used bookstores:

Eleanor: the Passionate Queen
Heart's Journey
Queen's Ransom
Secret Splendor
The Ironmaster

Pat Harrington, a living descendent, is a great-great-granddaughter of Patrick and Johannah (Blanche Harrington, Michael Hogan, John Hogan, Patrick Hogan). She writes mysteries and named her ace detective, Bridget O'Hern, after her great-grandmother. Pat has the following book available at

Death Stalks the Khmer

She also expects the following books to be out soon:

Death Comes Too Soon (the second in the Bridget O'Hern series).
"A Lover's Understanding", a story about an aggrieved ghost in the anthology Mystery In Mind (an anthology published by Paranormal Press/the Rhine Institute, a respected research institute in North Carolina)
"She Held My Hand", a poem in the anthology When I Was a Child.
"The Year of Zero",
a short story in the e-zine Treehouse Scriptum on the website of the American Book Company in Amsterdam.
Fat Cat's Problem and Fat Cat and the Lost Ring, picture story books for K-1st grade that have been accepted by an e-zine publisher.