From the Helena Record Herald, July 6, 1933, page 1:


WASHINGTON, July 6. -- (AP) -- The appointment of T. S. Hogan of Midland, Tex., to be assistant solicitor in the office of Solicitor Nathan R. Margold of the interior department was announced today by Secretary Ickes.

   "Mr. Hogan not only possesses a comprehensive knowledge of the nation's oil reserves and other mineral resources," the announcement said, "but is thoroughly familiar with Indian affairs and public land matters."

   Hogan was born in Chippewa Falls, Wisc., and went west as a young man. At 24 he was elected Montana's secretary of state, and later practiced law. Still later he became a cattle rancher and farmer and developed oil property. In 1916 he was elected state senator.

   T. S. Hogan of Texas, appointed assistant solicitor in the interior department attained prominence in Montana as an attorney, statesman and agriculturist.

   For many years he owned and operated one of the most extensive and highly improved ranches in Yellowstone county, six miles south of Huntly.

   Hogan came to Montana in 1890, and for a year worked in the Butte mines, later becoming refiner of gold and silver for the Anaconda company at Anaconda. He was elected secretary of state in 1896 and served four years. He was admitted to the Montana bar in 1900, and moved to his ranch in 1905, where he improved his properties, at the same time enlarging his law practice.

   Mr. Hogan served in the state senate from 1914 to 1918 and was the author of the Montana workmen's compensation law. In politics here Hogan was recalled as an "Independent Democrat."

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