From the Diamond Jubilee book of Notre Dame Church, 1931:


Mr. Michael Powers came to Albany, N.Y., from Tipperary, Ireland, in 1852, then to Chippewa Falls later the same year. He married Miss Johanna Hogan in Chippewa Falls, at old Notre Dame Church, in 1860. The following are the names of their children: Margaret (Mrs. John Trudelle), deceased; Mary (Mrs. Lavelle), Anna (Mrs. Morris), Esther (Mrs. Quinlan), Miss Catherine Powers and John Powers, of Cloquet, Minnesota, who married Miss Maud Lynch, formerly of Notre Parish, Chippewa Falls; also Joseph Powers, of Troy, Montana. Mr. Michael Powers drove the stage on the Read's Landing-Chippewa Falls route and told how plentiful the game was, so much so that at times he was obliged to stop his horses on account of the game in the road. While driving up from Read's Landing one day, Mr. Powers noticed a horse and cutter following him very closely and at times coming abreast with his team. This annoyed him to the extent that he stopped to investigate and found that the man in the cutter was dead. His children tell of the Indians who used to scare them when they lived in Battle Row.