Selections from "Pirate Treasure: a History of Hysham High School, 1913-1975, Hysham, Montana". A Treasure County Bicentennial Commission, 1975. Descendents and their relatives are in boldface; the Gallaghers are children of James Gallagher and Teresa Manning, a sister of Amelia Hogan's husband David Jackson Manning:

Five students made up the senior class in the year 1912-1913. They were Grace Gallagher, Mary Gallagher, Helen Manning, Alma Hodel, and Elma Hodel.

Helen Henricks was named valedictorian and Grace Gallagher salutatorian of the class.

Alma and Elma Hodel were twin daughters of Aaron Hodel, who homesteaded west of Hysham on what is now the Worm place. The family came here from California, Missouri. Both girls attended the Riverside School where Queenie Bailey (later Mrs. C. W. Lyndes) was teacher. After graduating, one of the sisters taught near Rosebud, and the other at a school on Sarpy Creek. Both died of pneumonia within two weeks during the 1919 epidemic of influenza.

Mary and Grace Gallagher were cousins of the other graduate, Helen Manning. Both families had come from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Gallaghers homesteaded west of Hysham on land now owned by Cliff Spidel and Verle Cole.

Mary Gallagher married Joseph Lobof in 1918, and they had 12 children. The oldest, James, was the first one of the second generation of Hysham High School graduates, finishing in 1936. The Lobofs farmed near Myers, then moved to Powell, Wyoming, and later to a farm near Billings. Mary Lobof died in the 1950s.

Grace Gallagher married Charles Olson, and they lived on a farm near Myers for many years. Their four children are Eileen, John, Cecelia, and James. Grace served as County Treasurer during the 1940s and died of a stroke in 1948. Her grandson, David Olson, was the first of three generations of graduates in 1966.

Helen Manning taught first at the Sanders school. In 1916 she began teaching in Hysham. In an article about future school plans which appeared in the May 11, 1916 Hysham Echo, Superintendent B. E. Davis wrote, "Then, in the Seventh and Eighth grades, Helen Manning will preside. Her remarkable intellect and splendid young life will be a great inspiration and valuable addition to our faculty." It was an accurate prediction as she was the most beloved of teachers.

After attending the State Normal School in Dillon, she returned to Hysham and from 1923 to 1946 taught public speaking, mathematics, and general science at Hysham High. She also directed numerous plays and programs, sponsored the senior class activities, and was assistant principal.

She married Bert Henricks and their son,
James, was the second one of that generation to graduate from Hysham High, in 1937.

In 1946
Mrs. Henricks became County Superintendent of Schools, retiring in 1963. She now lives at the New Western Manor in Billings.

In May, 1962,
Mrs. Henricks was honored at a program planned by the Hysham Parent-Teachers Association. The theme was "This Is Your Life", based on the popular television show. "As the program continued," the Hysham Echo relates, "a parade of schoolmates, students and fellow teachers reviewed incidents dating back as far as her arrival in Hysham in the early part of this century. The audience of 300 was augmented by hundreds of congratulatory messages which were received before and during the performance." She was one of the most outstanding graduates and one of the most beloved of teachers.

The class of 1916 consisted of only five people. Estella D. Broadbent
was valedictorian and Mabel D. Sherman was salutatorian. The other three were Carroll Kimball, Dave Manning, and Nola Kimball. Each of them gave an address at graduation, which was printed in the "Commencement Edition" of the Hysham Echo. Estella's was called "Onward," Dave's was "Address to Lower Classes," Nola's was the "Class History" and Carroll's speech was "The Larger Hope". Mabel spoke on "The Spirit of the Nation".

According to Frances Kimball,
Dave Manning helped the girls spend the money they had earned from making and selling crochet pattern books. Carroll Kimball said that Dave and Pat Gallagher liked to play leapfrog over the desks. Dave, Pat, and Carroll made up the track team that went to Missoula in the spring of 1916.

A prominent advertisement in the Commencement Issue was for The Klingeman Cafe, E. E. Klingeman, Prop., for "The Eats", "Ice Cream", and "Confections". Another large ad urged housewives not to get mad because of housecleaning but instead to get their cleaning aids at
M. Zent's Hardware Store.

In Hysham the students were participating in debates. The debate team, Frances Kimball,
Pat Gallagher, and Rachel Gallagher, defeated the team at Terry High School on the subject: "Resolved that the Legislative Assembly of the State of Montana should be Superceded by a Non-Partisan Board Composed of Eleven Members." Frances was selected to attend the state meet at Helena and won fourth place out of a total of 39 contestants.

Dave was editor-in-chief of the Mahsyhmonia columns which appeared in the Echo. In the last issue, Dave included an account of the alumni banquet, which was given May 6 by the junior class. "A five-course dinner was prepared and served by the Juniors and was very well managed. There were present besides the alumni, Professor and Mrs. Davis, Miss Leopold, Miss Watson, Mr. Overgaard, and Mr. and Mrs. vd. Pauwert. James Manning, one of the Junior boys, was toastmaster." After the banquet, the members of the alumni met and organized, choosing Helen Manning president and Nola Kimball secretary. They planned to meet regularly.