From the Hysham Echo, Hysham, Montana, Thursday, July 1, 1982. David Martin Manning was a son of John and Bridget's daughter Amelia:

Hysham plans whiz-bang of a fourth

Hysham's biggest and grandest 4th of July celebration will begin with a parde in Hysham at 12:30.

Senator Dave Manning and his wife Ruth will be Grand Marshalls of the parade and will be honored at special ceremonies in the park in the afternoon.

Senator Manning is being honored for his fifty years of public service. He is the oldest living legislator in the United States, and the legislator who has served the most number of continuous years.

Governor Ted Schwinden will also be in Hysham for the parade and will be present for the afternoon ceremonies.

Senator and Mrs. John Melcher will be in Hysham and will also take part in the parade and the afternoon ceremonies.

Gordon McComber, Division of Agriculture chairman for the State of Montana will also be present.

Another dignitary that will be in Hysham is Coal Board chairman Herschel Robbins.

Formation for the parade will be at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Hysham. The parade will take a route down main street and then will return to the church.

All floats and participants in the parade are asked to line up at the church at 11:30 a.m.

The Volunteer Fire Department of Hysham will be in charge of the parade.

They have announced that prizes will be awarded to all youngsters taking place in the parade who place first, second or third.

There will be no prizes for adult floats in the parade.

Following the parade there will be a fondue picnic in the park. The charge will be $2 per person for the dinner. Local residents have been asked to bring salads or desserts and their own utensils and dishes.

The Appreciation Program for Senator Manning will begin at approximately 2:00 at the city park.

Governor Schwinden and Senator Melcher will both speak at the program.

The firemen have also planned a fireworks display to be held at the airport at sundown.

So far there is no official street dance planned. Gary Fjelstad said this week unless private individuals or businesses plan a street dance, the Planning Board has nothing going in that direction.

Fjelstad said it is not too late for those who would like to have a float or other entry in the parade. He said those interested should contact him or Ron Thomas in Hysham.

Little Sir Echo Says

by Nancy Kolb

Sunday is the 4th of July. That usually means family picnics, fire crackers, and fireworks in the evening. There is plenty of celebrating all over the various communities in honor of our independence.
This year Treasure County is full of excitement in making plans not only for the day of regular celebrating, but to pay homage to a special person known to young and old. Dave Manning is a Hysham native, but is known to many persons all over the country.

Dave has helped in many ways toward the growth of Hysham and the surrounding area.

Dave and his wife Ruth are the kind of friends that are always there when you need a friend. They are always on hand at all the local activities and lend their support to the various community functions.

When you meet Dave or Ruth on the street there is always the ready smile and a hello, or a few minutes of visiting. They always have the time to be friendly.

Whenever Dave had to be away from home, Ruth always packed and took the children along so the family could stay together. This isn't always easy to do but the family got to be together more that way.

If someone needed information or help in starting a construction project on their property, Dave was ready with advice and with knowledge to help get the project underway.

Dave has made us all proud of the way he has worked through the state legislature and Senate. He has worked diligently in his efforts to help the people, not only in Treasure County, but in the entire state of Montana.

His performance in this capacity is something we are all proud of.