From the Hysham Echo, Hysham, Montana, Volume 72, no. 39, Thursday, July 8, 1982. David Martin Manning was a son of John and Bridget's daughter Amelia:

Sirens wailed and fire engines were abound with happy children as Senator Dave Manning and Governor Ted Schwinden led the 4th of July parade in Hysham.

The special day was to honor Senator Dave Manning for fifty years of service in the state legislature of Montana.

Governor Ted Schwinden was a special guest at the celebration, along with United States Senator John Melcher.

Mrs. Schwinden and Mrs. Melcher joined Mrs. Ruth Manning for the day's festivities. All three women accompanied their husbands in the parade.

The town of Hysham filled with people as the parade time neared. It was guessed there were more than 600 people in town for the parade and the afternoon's festivities.

The parade was led by the firing squad and the color guard of the American Legion Post #92 of Hysham. Norris Grunhuvd is squad commander. Members of the squad are Ray Kolb, Bud Quest, Bill Cunningham, Rich Howard, Don Charlson, Charles Lyndes, Morris Spannagel and Dennis Marks.

The car bearing the Mannings and the Schwindens was the Grand Marshall car. Senator John and Ruth Melcher followed the Grand Marshall's car in a convertible.

A banner noting Sen. Dave Manning Day was hung across Main Street by the Town and Country Lodge.

Various dignitaries were present for the parade and the afternoon program. They were Senator Tom Towe and his wife and family of Billings, Gordon McComber, Agriculture chairman for the state of Montana, Sen. Mel Williams, Sen. Melvin Underdahl of Shelby, Rep. Esther Bergelson of Shepherd, former Sen. Art Jensen of Superior, Rep. Esther Bengston, Sen. Carroll Graham of Lodge Grass, Sen. Tom Hager of Billings, Sen. Frank Hazelbaker and Rep. Tom Asay of Forsyth. Also present were Fed. Judge and Mrs. Bill Jamison of Billings and Rep. John Ryan and his wife.

The floats along the parade line were crowd-pleasers. This was the largest parade the town has seen in many years. Organized by the Hysham Volunteer Firemen, the parade got underway on schedule at 12:30 p.m.

Horses and riders from the various 4-H organizations and the Treasure Riders organization brought even more color and excitement to the parade. Included in this contingent was a mystery rider with a packhorse beside it.

Organizations and businesses having floats in the parade were Hysham Commnity Elevator, Mid-Yellowstone Electric Copperative, Hysham Womens Club, the Hysham School, the Baptist Church of Hysham, the American Legion Auxiliary, Strecker Farms, Buds and Duds, Manning International, Hysham Volunteer Firemen, Hair Syndi-Cut, Vi Livingston, Sally Van Hemelryck, WIFE Assoc., St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Treasure County Planning Board, Treasure County, Treasure Belles, Palmer Hoovestal, CB&R 4-H Club, Treasure Riders.

A community dinner was served in the city park with a barbeque beef fondue.

People in the community also brought food to make it an old fashioned 4th of July picnic.

At the program honoring Sen. Manning, Jim Carlson was Master of Ceremonies.

The Singing Ladies performed a special tribute to Sen. Manning with specially written words to Yankee Doodle Dandy. They also sang other patriotic songs. Members of the group are Dorian Grunhuvd, Sylvia Lyndes, Katie Olson, Kay Smith, Tammy Bauer, Lillian Kolb, Kay Maasch and Joan Cunningham.

In their bright red jackets with white slacks and blue ties, plus straw hats, the Singing Ladies were a flash in the afternoon's program.

Orville Campbell, long-time friend of the Mannings, read a biographical sketch of the guest of honor. Campbell outlined some of the accomplishments of Sen. Manning and told of some of his experiences with him.

Father Thomas McTague gave the Invocation and the Benediction.

Gov. Ted Schwinden talked about the political life of Sen. Manning. He spoke of the quiet manner that Dave personifies. He said, "When problems come up, Dave just says let's back off now and take a good look at it and see what we can do. We'll just move things around a little and we'll get it the way we want. Just don't jump into things."

Gov. Schwinden spoke of the "good small town life".

He said some young lady had mentioned to him how it felt to be in a small town for the 4th of July. He said, "Actually, if you ask anyone from Tooley Creek, Montana, how it feels to be in a small town . . . we think Hysham is a pretty good sized community."

(Private), grandson of Sen. and Mrs. Manning, and son of (private) of Billings, sang two songs for his grandparents. The first song was Shenandoah and the second an Irish folk ballad. The performance was a surprise part of the program for the Mannings. He was accompanied by Lisa Maasch of Hysham.