From Past and Present of Chippewa County, published 1913, p. 227. John Carol Hogan was a son of John and Bridget and James Sullivan was a son of John, Sr.'s sister Margaret:

The Chippewa Sentinel was first published in the spring of 1889 by James Sullivan and John Hogan, who conducted its publication about three months, when Mr. Hogan sold his interest to Michael Conwell. A month or so later a stock company was formed to take charge of the plant and be the guiding power. This company consisted of Rev. C. F. X. Goldsmith, David Chisholm and James Sullivan. Father Goldsmith took the editorial chair, changing the name of the paper to the Catholic Sentinel, and James Sullivan was made general manager. After Father Goldsmith's death, which occurred in November, 1890, Father Kramer edited the paper for a few months, when it passed into the hands of its present editor, Judge Arthur Gough. Judge Gough is an Irishman and inherits the mother wit, backed by a close intimacy with the books of the past and present, and the columns of his paper are always interesting and attractive.

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