From the Chippewa Daily Independent, Wednesday morning, August 6, 1902:


Mr. and Mrs. John Hogan Surrounded by Friends and Relatives Yesterday.

Mr. and Mrs. John Hogan, 402 East Spring street, celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of their marriage yesterday. Solemn High Mass was sung at St. Mary's church at 8:30 o'clock and was attended by a large number of friends and relatives. A grand breakfast was served at the Hogan home after the services.

Mr. and Mrs. Hogan were married at Columbus, Ohio, fifty years ago yesterday and three years later came to Chippewa Falls where they have resided ever since.

During the day the house was filled continually with friends and relatives who called to congratulate the aged couple. Their long residence has made a large acquaintance. The sons and daughters present were P. R. Hogan, of West Superior; T. S. Hogan, of Butte, Mont.; Michael Hogan, of this city; Mrs. Mary Sheehan, of San Antonio, Texas and Mrs. Mary Manning, city. A son of T. J. Sugars, of Orogrande, Idaho, a grandson of the aged couple, was present. Two sons, John and William Hogan, who are in the west, were unable to attend.

Supper was served in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Hogan at the home of their daughter, Mrs. D. J. Manning last evening. Just before that Photographer A. A. Bish secured a photo of all relatives present, numbering a half hundred. Of these there were Mrs. Charles Regan and children, Mrs. John Trudell and children, Mrs. Anna Morris and son; Mrs. Hannah Long, Mrs. James Sullivan, Mrs. J. N. Patten, Michael Hogan, Jr. The last three are sisters and brother of John Hogan, Misses Ester and Kate Powers, and the sons and daughters from abroad.