Article about Mike Hogan, John's brother

Article about John and Bridget Hogan's fiftieth anniversary party

Article about Michael Powers, husband of Johanna Hogan

Article about John J. Hogan, son of John Hogan's brother Michael

Hebert family history

Trudelle family history from Time magazine

Book excerpt about John Carol Hogan and his cousin James Sullivan

Biographical sketch on William Hogan, son of John and Bridget

Historical marker about Father Charles F. X. Goldsmith

Intro to a book about Katharyn Lyle Hogan, daughter of John and Bridget's son John

Article about John Sheehy, son of John and Bridget's daughter Mary

Article about the beheaded priest Fr. Nicholas Sheehy

Article about David Martin Manning, son of John and Bridget's daughter Amelia

Articles about a Fourth of July Celebration Honoring Dave Manning: a Tribute

Article about Sen. Dave Manning Day

Article about Thomas S. Hogan, son of John and Bridget, from the Record Herald

Article about Thomas Hogan from Stout's History of Montana

Article about Thomas Hogan's descendents from Stout's History of Montana

Article about Thomas Hogan from the History of the Yellowstone Valley

Excerpts from A History of Hysham High School

Article about David Stahle (Clara, Fred, Thomas, John and Bridget) in Archeology 1998

Article about David Stahle: Reading Between the Lines

Sky Lake: Preserving a Stand of Ancient Cypress (article about descendent David Stahle)

Climatology: Lessons from the Past and the Reality of Global Warming (article by descendent David Stahle)

Article about St. Joseph's hospital in Chippewa Falls mentioning Father Goldsmith and Mary Jane Gallagher Hogan, wife of John's brother Mike

Article about the discovery of Kartchner Caverns in Arizona by Gary Tenen, the husband of a descendent of Patrick and Johannah

Article about astronomer Phillip Trudelle, a Powers descendent
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